About us

Zidasht, the Primary Brand Creator who imports, distributes and sales healthy products from all over the world in the Iranian market, was established in 2015.

We, in Zidasht, have a clear vision to improve the quality of life among Iranians, providing them with a healthier and happier lifestyle. Our constant attention towards consumers’ needs, the basis of our policy, is inspired by excellence in quality.
Our loyalty towards consumers and their trust in our products proved through their everyday purchases made us to launch our own brands in 2018. As a Fine Food Company, this was a step forward towards improving healthy eating habits among Iranians.

Our goal is to conduct manufacture unique products that are different from what is already available on the shelves. The desire to break down the pre-existing paradigms and explore new horizons are the reasons making this journey interesting for us.

Our success is mainly based upon careful selection of the highest quality raw materials. The quality control is not limited to the farm and is broadened till our production line, where tradition and modernity synchronize to provide us with the best way to transfer outstanding nature quality into human body.

 Zidasht is a great collective entity animated by trust in progress and ability to envision a tomorrow, better than today. This is mainly because the world is always conquered by those who continuously seek excellence and desire success and accomplishment.